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~This is the Business Sundry order and payment page. Use this form to start a WebAgent subscription or to make a one-off payment. All payments are due on the first of the month for services rendered in that month. Refunds are at discretion of Business Sundry. All subscriptions are month-to-month with no obligation, cancel anytime.
~Money is a great motivator and similar to most markets, the clients who pay the most get more attention than those that pay much less. Regrettably technology is often undervalued. It's important the WebAgent selects the right type of client for that WebAgent and the client selects the correct WebAgent service plan. 

Don't lose that data! Ask about Digitalization services!

~The client and the WebAgent must have clear expectations towards the costs and results for the website and services.  Remember these monies are not just for the WebAgents`  time and skillset; the monies are also reimbursements for all the nickel and dime costs of website maintenance and online marketing. Timely and appropriate WebAgent subscription payments are imperative.
We don`t chase money, we spend our time making it.

Don't lose that data! Ask about Digitalization services!

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